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Driving Issues/ICBC

For many individuals driving is essential to being able to see friends, family, and get to work. Individuals may lose their ability to drive either permanently, or temporarily because of a poor driving record, medical fitness issues, alcohol…
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Mikhael Magaril regularly practices in employment law. He regularly deals with individuals who have been terminated from their jobs and have been provided with either no form of severance, or just the statutory minimum under the Employment Standards Act…
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Both lawyers have experience acting as appellate counsel on matters for which they were counsel in the proceedings below, as well as matters for which the clients were either self-represented or had a different lawyer handling their file…
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Administrative Law

More and more critical decisions that impact individuals are being delegated away from the Courts and are put into the hands of lay decision makers. Bear Creek Law LLP has appeared before a number of administrative tribunals including…
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Property Law

Vincent Guo regularly practices in complicated property issues. His experience in this area of law extends to dealing with timber and mineral claims, land expropriation, builder’s liens, dealing with property on First Nations land…
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Criminal Offences

Both of Bear Creek Law LLP’s lawyers practice criminal law. Our clients come from all walks of life and often end up in our offices because the external circumstances going on in their lives. Because of the frequency of our practice in this area…
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Family Law

Vincent Guo practices extensively in family law and has significant experience in this area of law, including dealing with files with property in multiple jurisdictions (including China), and acting as counsel on files in which there have…
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Civil Litigation

The term civil litigation is usually used to encompass a broad range of practice areas that includes, among other things, debt collection, negligence, construction law, occupiers liability, contractual disputes, slip and falls, personal injury…
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Consumer Protection

Mikhael Magaril practices regularly in consumer protection. This area of law deals closely with a few key pieces of legislation, including the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, and the federal Interest Act. Mikhael’s case load has…
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Residential Tenancy and Strata Law

Housing is one of the most important things we have in our lives. While many people dream of living on their own little island, very few have the opportunity to actually do so. As a result, most individuals have their home in close proximity to…
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