Administrative Law

What is Administrative Law

Administrative law relates to any decision-making process that is outside the Courts. This includes tribunals and bodies such as the:

  • – B.C. Human Rights Tribunal;
  • – Mental Health Review Boards;
  • – Employment Standards Tribunal;
  • – RoadSafety B.C. and the Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles;
  • – Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal;
  • – University Academic Hearings;
  • – Social Security Tribunal; and
  • – Residential Tenancy Branch.

Experience Counts

The lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP act as counsel before all of these administrative tribunals, and more. The administrative lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable with each tribunal’s process and procedures. It is important to not miss any deadlines and to comply with all the tribunal’s rules as otherwise you may lose by default.

Often only a specific tribunal can deal with an issue that you have. To give an example, a employee is unlikely to be able to sue in Court to ask the employer for compensation as a result of a workplace injury. Instead the injured employee would likely need to go through the Workers Compensation Board (often shortened to WCB). As a result, administrative tribunals often decide cases that have very significant impacts.

Appealing the Decision

If you are not happy with the result there may be ways to have that decision reconsidered or appealed. There is also a process to have the Supreme Court of British Columbia review it. On judicial review, the Court looks at whether the administrative body exceeded its jurisdiction, deprived someone of natural justice or procedural fairness, or made an unreasonable decision.

Experience Counts

The lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP regularly deal with applications for judicial review and internal appeals. We routinely help individuals to exercise all their rights to have a decision reconsidered or appealed at various administrative tribunals. We have also successfully helped individuals to put forward any evidence that they missed which resulted in the decision being overturned.

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