What is an Appeal

Appellate law involves a review of a decision to determine if there was an error of law or an unreasonable decision made. Most decisions made by the Court or an adjudicator can be reviewed in one fashion or another. Some forms of appeal are very limited in nature and highly technical. Other types of appeals allow to introduce new evidence and can be seen as another hearing.

Individuals who are looking to appeal a decision usually have strict timelines to commence an appeal and to submit their argument, and any new evidence. As a result, it is important that individuals seeking to appeal quickly hire a counsel.

Experience Counts

Both Mikhael Magaril and Vincent Guo have experience acting as appeal lawyers on a variety of cases. In some cases, the lawyers also did the trial. In other cases, a different lawyer or a self-represented person did the trial.

The lawyers have conducted appeals before the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the B.C. Court of Appeal, and various administrative appeals. The lawyers at Bear Creek Law have been successful in introducing fresh evidence, raising new issues, and reversing the original decision.

In addition, the lawyers at Bear Creek Law may be able to find creative solutions to achieve the desired result without the need of an appeal. This can save a party significant resources and provides a guaranteed outcome.

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