Areas of Practice

Why we don’t put all our Eggs in One Basket

The lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP pride themselves in keeping diverse practice areas. This allows the lawyers to use developments and principles well established in one area of the law to another.

In addition, exposure to many different practice areas helps us to spot legal problems that may arise in the future in a separate area of the law for our clients. We can then take immediate steps to protect our client’s interests.

Moreover, a diverse practice area allows the lawyers to get to know more judges, counsel, and registry staff. These connections often prove to be invaluable at various stages of a file.

The lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP welcome you to have a consultation with them about any litigation related matter even if it is not specifically addressed below. If it involves going to Court, chances are we have dealt with it.

Driving Issues/ICBC

The lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP have successfully appealed many driving prohibitions and referrals to remedial programs. Our experience in this area allows us to obtain crucial pieces of evidence before they are lost or destroyed. Furthermore we have successfully argued cases before various divisions of RoadSafetyBC, and the Supreme Court of British Columbia to have driving prohibitions overturned entirely…
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Mikhael Magaril regularly practices in employment law. He often deals with individuals who have been terminated from their jobs and have either received no form of severance, or just the statutory minimum under the Employment Standards Act…
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Both lawyers have experience acting as appellate counsel on matters for which they were counsel, as well as matters for which the clients were either self-represented or had a different lawyer handling their file…
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Administrative Law

The lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP act as counsel before B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, Employment Standards Tribunal, Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal, Social Security Tribunal, Residential Tenancy Branch, and more. When it comes to these cases, we advise to act fast, otherwise you may lose by default…
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Property Law

Vincent Guo regularly practices in complicated property issues. His experience in this area of law extends to dealing with timber and mineral claims, land expropriation, builder’s liens, as well as property on First Nations land. Vincent’s extensive experience in this area allows him to forcefully advance his client’s position inside and outside of Court…
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Criminal Offences

Both of Bear Creek Law LLP’s lawyers practice criminal defence. Because of the frequency of our practice in this area we know many of the Crown prosecutors. We have helped many individuals avoid criminal records and jail. Also, we have won many difficult trials for our clients and helped advance their case through the preservation of key pieces of evidence and witnesses…
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Family Law

Vincent Guo practices extensively in family law and has significant experience in this area, including dealing with files with property in multiple jurisdictions, and where there have been Court proceedings in other provinces or countries…
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Civil Litigation

Both lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP regularly practice in civil litigation and focus on delivering cost-effective results to their clients. The lawyers both appear before the Provincial Court of British Columbia (Small Claims Court) and in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on a regular basis. Bear Creek Law LLP provides creative solutions to resolve complex cases…
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Consumer Protection

Mikhael Magaril practices regularly in consumer protection. Clients often approach Mikhael after they feel that they have been scammed. They may not been provided with what they agreed to purchase, or the quality of their product was seriously defective. Mikhael’s knowledge of this area of the law allows his clients to enjoy a tactful advantage when pursuing their claims in court…
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Residential Tenancy and Strata Law

Bear Creek Law LLP has handled many tenancy and strata files and has experience advocating for all sides. The lawyers have dealt with cases in which tenants have been threatened with eviction, landlords required assistance to remove an abusive tenant, or strata owners have been treated unfairly by their strata corporation…

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