Consumer Protection

What is Consumer Protection Law?

Consumer Protection deals closely with a few key pieces of legislation, including the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, the Sale of Goods Act, and the Interest Act. Consumers in B.C. have a number of protections available to them when purchasing goods for their own personal use. Some common examples of consumer protection claims include disputes about excessive or unauthorized fees by gyms, getting a “lemon” from a car dealership, and excessive billing for repair services.

In addition, individuals have a number of protections if they owe another person money. The law protects the individual from harassment and bullying techniques, and restricts phone calls to relatives and employers.

Experience Counts

Mikhael Magaril practices regularly in consumer protection. Clients approach Mikhael after they feel that they have been scammed. They may not been provided with what they agreed to purchase, or the quality of their product was seriously defective. Others approach Mikhael when they experience continuing charges after they have stopped using a service. Mikhael’s knowledge of this area of the law allows his clients to enjoy a tactful advantage when pursuing their claims in court, including reversing the onus of proof so that the business has to prove that they did not engage in a deceptive business act or practice.

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