Criminal Defence

What is criminal defence?

Criminal defence involves defending offences under the Criminal Code, the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, and other Provincial or Federal laws. We regularly defend offences under the Offence Act (i.e. traffic court), municipal by-laws, Wildlife Act, and the Fisheries Act. We never act as prosecutors and have been responsible for groundbreaking decisions that caused reform throughout B.C.

The criminal defence practice at Bear Creek Law LLP extends past the courtroom. We regularly assist clients to have any identifying information destroyed, to obtain record suspensions, and to deal with all related penalties, such as driving prohibitions.

Experience Counts

Both of Bear Creek Law LLP’s lawyers practice criminal defence. Because of the frequency of our practice in this area we know many of the Crown prosecutors. We have helped many individuals avoid criminal records, jail, and get another chance. We have also won many difficult trials for our clients by preserving key pieces of evidence and finding witnesses.

Our experience in this area lets us advance defences effectively for our clients. We have successfully argued that our clients’ rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms have been violated, the defence of self-defence, alibi, and that our clients did not commit the offence.

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