Driving Issues/ICBC

What is ICBC law?

This area of law deals with driving prohibitions and revocations of licenses due to medical fitness issues. It also includes dealing with ICBC if you are alleged to owe them money for any reason. Lastly, if ICBC alleges that you breached a condition of your insurance, then that falls into this category as well.

Individuals may lose their ability to drive either permanently, or temporarily because of a poor driving record, medical fitness issues, alcohol or drug use. In addition, an individual’s ability to drive may be unfairly compromised by ICBC imposing an obligation that they complete any number of remedial programs. Examples include the Ignition Interlock Program and the Responsible Driver Program.

Experience Counts

For many individuals driving is essential to see friends, family, and to get to work. The lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP have successfully appealed many driving prohibitions and referrals to remedial programs. Our experience in this area allows us to obtain crucial pieces of evidence before they are lost or destroyed. Furthermore, we have successfully argued cases before various divisions of RoadSafetyBC, and the Supreme Court of British Columbia to have driving prohibitions overturned entirely.

We also regularly act for individuals who are alleged to owe money to ICBC. Our comprehensive review of your situation may result in ICBC forgiving a portion, or all of that debt.

It should be noted that many of the referrals to remedial programs and prohibitions have very short time limits for filing a review, often as little as 7 days.

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