What is Employment Law?

Employment Law deals with the rights and obligations of employees and employers. The most common issues are whether an employer had a sufficient reason to terminate an employee, and what the appropriate amount of severance is. Other issues involve the reduction of wages or benefits and whether it constitutes constructive dismissal. Another example would be determining if an individual is an employee, or an independent contractor.

Experience Counts

Mikhael Magaril assists individuals who have been terminated from their jobs and received no form of severance, or just the minimum under the Employment Standards Act. Similarly, he helps clients who have had their benefits or wages reduced to make their workplace unbearable. Mikhael advances their cases to get them the proper amount of severance.

Mikhael also assists employers who want to limit their liability if an employee is no longer needed, or is not performing their duties well.

Parallel to Mikhael’s employment practice, is his human rights practice. For example, individuals who are subject to discrimination from their employer. They undoubtedly have numerous options to deal with their situation. Mikhael’s comprehensive knowledge of workplace law allows him to obtain appropriate compensation on their behalf.

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