Family Law

What is Family Law

Family law deals with all the issues that arise out of the beginning or end of a marriage-like relationship. This includes litigating an individual’s right to receive child and spousal support, and have property divided fairly. Other issues include divorce, parenting responsibilities, access, adoption, and DNA testing.

Many times these issues need to be revisited over the years as there may be unanticipated changes. For example, an individual may re-marry, lose their job, or re-locate far away. Undoubtedly, these changes need to be appropriately addressed to ensure that each spouse is being treated fairly.

Experience Counts

Vincent Guo practices extensively in family law and has significant experience in this field. His area of expertise includes files with property in multiple jurisdictions, and where there have been Court proceedings in other provinces or countries.

Moreover, Vincent regularly advises individuals who are entering into a relationship where at least one of the individuals has significant income or debt, children from another relationship, or has previously been married. Further, Vincent regularly acts as counsel in both the Provincial Court of British Columbia and the Supreme Court of British Columbia on uncontested and contested issues of property division, custody and guardianship, spousal and child support. Evidently, he has a proven track record of getting an excellent result for his clients.

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