What is the cost of hiring a lawyer?

The lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP recognize that every client and file is unique. There is not one correct way to structure a fee agreement. Some files can be taken on a contingency which means the lawyer will only take a percentage of the amount won. Other options may include providing flat rate option, or a deferred payment option. Bear Creek Law LLP commits itself to access to justice and if appropriate, will reduce their fees in proportion to the amount at risk in the litigation.

What are your business hours?

Both lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP focus on trial work. As a result, each lawyer may at times be involved in long matters that prevent them from seeing new clients. Weekend, and after-hours appointments may be available upon request. Further, urgent matters may arise that require each lawyer’s immediate attention. As a result, it is always best to contact each lawyer individually to inquire about their availability for consultations and appointments.

Where are you located?

The offices of Bear Creek Law LLP are centrally located at King George Blvd. and 88th Avenue in Surrey, B.C. King George Blvd turns into the Pattullo Bridge, and 88th Avenue turns into the Alex Fraser Bridge. Our offices are also right beside a bus station that is served by the 96B Line. Our location makes us accessible to all individuals in the Lower Mainland.

What about other areas of law that are not listed?

The lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP practice in a wide variety of litigation areas. However we do not practice in all of them. If you require a referral to a lawyer that practices in an area that is not listed we would be happy to provide you with a referral. It may also turn out that we have some experience in that area ourselves and can assist you.

Do you provide related services, such as financial advising or accounting?

Although court work often requires a working knowledge of various topics, such as medicine, securities, and accounting, we are not experts. If you require a referral to any other professional we would be happy to provide it to you.

Do you practice outside of Surrey?

Both lawyers conduct trials throughout the Lower Mainland and in more remote parts of B.C. It is always best to consult with each lawyer individually to see their availability for travel. Wherever possible, the lawyers will try to use technology and local agents to reduce costs while still providing an excellent level of service and advice.

How do I retain you to act for me?

A consultation is required before a lawyer takes on a new case. This gives both, the lawyer and the client the opportunity to discuss the case and see if a solicitor-client relationship will work going forward. We must also screen each client to ensure that we do not have any conflict of interest.

Contact us at (604) 259-6200 to learn how you can get the results you want.

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