Residential Tenancy and Strata Law

What is Residential Tenancy and Strata Law?

Residential Tenancy and Strata Law deal with the relationship between a tenant, owner, and the strata corporation (if applicable). Disputes may arise because of failure to pay rent, damage to property, or breaches of by-laws or rules. Most disputes arise because of differences in personality. This is especially true in strata complexes and condominiums. The lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP recognize the practical issues behind each case and provide meaningful practical advice in addition to explaining the legal options.

Experience Counts

Bear Creek Law LLP has handled many tenancy and strata files and has experience advocating for all sides. The lawyers have dealt with cases in which tenants have been threatened with eviction, landlords required assistance to remove an abusive tenant, or strata owners have been treated unfairly by their strata corporation.

Often quick legal intervention by the lawyers at Bear Creek Law LLP has prevented any further action being required and lead to reduced legal fees and a guaranteed outcome. If the matter continues on to a full hearing, the lawyers have a proven track record of success.

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